Our Melbourne Funeral Home

Our funeral home in Melbourne is opening soon. We have been busy experiencing strong growth on the Gold Coast in Queensland. At the request of our families we have decided to open a Dignity Funerals branch in Victoria. While we understand that there are hundreds of Funeral Directors in Melbourne (see the list of Funeral Directors in Melbourne here) that already service the area, there is no one in the area like us here at Dignity Funerals. We help with cremation and burial, prepaid funerals and can help families pre-arrange by coming to their home and speaking with them in the comfort of their lounge room.

Almost everyone we have spoken to about this move has been excited for us. The transition to a different market will be hard to start with, but once our brand and name grows in the Melbourne funeral care industry, we will be able to show Victorians what we  are made of and why Dignity Funerals is different. Dignity is our name, and dignity is what we offer.

We specialise in helping families come to terms with the loss of their loved one in a very special way. We nurture, assist and promote a strong sense of family. It is this culture that we have grown here in sunny Queensland, that we are looking to expand down into Melbourne. If you have friends or family in Victoria, please send refer them to us so we can ensure they are looked after in the same way our beautiful families on the Gold Coast are.