Direct Cremations & No Service No Attendance Funerals

What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct or no service cremation are one and the same. It’s a funeral where there is no service.

Generally speaking when a family engage the services of a Funeral Director, they will transfer the deceased, have an independent General Practitioner provide confirmation of passing (legal requirement in Victoria unless the deceased has been subject to a Coronial investigation). The Funeral Director will then place the deceased into what is known as a ‘raw board’ coffin, which is basically a timber box. From here they will transport the deceased to a crematorium, have the person cremated, (coffin and all), and return the ashes you.

Following return of the ashes many people celebrate the life of the person who passed in their own special way. We have known families who hosted a barbeque in honour of the deceased, others have placed the box of ashes on deceased’s favourite seat at the bar in their local hotel and drank in their honour. While others don’t see the need to publically celebrate the life that was, and that is perfectly acceptable.

There are aspects of no service vis-a-vis direct cremations where you can upgrade. For example, you could ask for a nicer (more expensive) coffin, you may ask that the deceased is dressed or has memorabilia placed in the coffin with them. Some people even ask that we arrange for the actual cremation to occur at a specific time so friends and family can gather and light a candle and hold their own private service. Some people even ask that the coffin is adorned with flowers and that the hearse is driven slowly past a particular location such as their house, place of employment etc on the way to the crematorium.

You may wonder why people decide to hold a no service vis-à-vis direct cremation. Sometimes people are pragmatic and simply can’t justify the expense, sometimes the deceased has simply outlived all friends and family, and on other occasions some families simply don’t see the need for a service.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with having no service funerals / direct cremations, you can save yourself many thousands of dollars, celebrate the life that was in your own special way, and avoid the fuss.

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